Go Glory, Go

Red hot jazz
in a red hot summer
no Bach around
“O when the saints…”

Dance safely Moonlight Missy
Miss Blue Tye Dye
not for the money like
Dancing Jeannie
or Kansas Kitty
(what a smile!)
for yours is a more
elegant card.

Dance a moon jam on slate
under a classic moon.
Dance to the song of the West
Dance with determination
pouring from your musical heart.

You outclass Stormin Bonnie
the Ashton girl
in whose smoken dreams
her moon royal Gaelic journey
to seaside fortune
turned to farm subsidy
bid report
her last Celtic meal
an insurance money Galan fete.

Sure, Alice is a ten
but she’s an A and J girl
an iron countess with Cherokee focus
follows none except Sweet Bernie
Max’s runner from Cape Finisterre
near the Narbona Pass.

You are the rare breed
the best lass
no need for
Betty’s halo or
Donna’s glitter Indian delight.

You mine for love
in dark thunder
with no safety check.

Yesterday’s “that boy” killed
Grunwald Hensley Ocarson
second in power to Puddy de Luca
“Senor Happy”
“The Winged Warrior”
“The Tejanos Eliminator”
(Miss Mia calls him
“Baby King”
Lalique and Jemilyn (Jackie G.)
“Whistle Pig”).

He skipped out at the bonheur
took the Australis Express
back to Maryville
to Miss Bauer and
Charming Megan.

“I’m Not Crying.”

I believe you
stoic angel.

I believe you
three times a wonder.

I believe in your
special truth mirrored in a
bright abyss of shining sea.

I believe
for once and forever
maybe just this one time
we can make the winning drive.

So how bout tonight?
Carolus Magnus

How about we make it
Go Glory Go

Poem constructed by using the names of every horse running in every race at Philadelphia Park Friday, 5/7/10 (77 horses total).

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