Wanted Poster

Who’s that?
A criminal
Not a nice man at all
Terrible things he’s done
Evil in those eyes
Don’t ever want to meet him, but

Pass him
On the street?
Sssshhh! Slink away
To tell the police
Enough to nab him and you’ll get a

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  1. Very clever idea! I should try this sometime, looks challenging and fun :3

  2. Thanks! They really are fun to do and they’re a great jumping off point when you’re in the mood to write, but don’t necessarily have anything in terms of subject matter in mind.

    I think there’s also a form of double-acrostic where the first and last words of a line have to match, but I haven’t tried any of them. Also one where the poem title’s first letters can be in the middle of the line , so everything sort of hangs off to the right and left.

    Good luck!

  3. great idea you have!


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