CSI:Miami (Season 5)

Like their CSI counterparts in Las Vegas,
the CSI: Miami team
tackles the fascinating, compelling
approach to crime
known as forensic science.

Behind the sun, surf and palm trees
lurk captivating, spellbinding mysteries
and baffling clues.

Led by former homicide detective
Horatio Caine,
CSI: Miami follows
a Miami forensics unit
as they work to solve crimes
amid the steamy, tropical surroundings
and cultural crossroads
of Miami.

Caine leads an elite team
        that includes:
a bilingual Southern beauty
        with a specialty in ballistics;
a cocky yet disarming investigator
        who is well-connected on the street;
an underwater recovery expert
        who knows all the twists and turns of the Florida waterways;
a no-nonsense, know-it-all coroner;
Detective Yelena Sala –
        a frequent ally to the team.

these investigators
collect and analyze
the evidence
to solve the crimes
and to vindicate
those who often
cannot speak for themselves –
the victims.
Lead Criminalist Horatio Caine
is targeted by adversaries
old and new
in the fifth season of CSI: Miami.
As the danger grows for Caine
he and the rest of his team
must go the limit
to solve their biggest cases yet.

Found poem: Reformatted description of CSI Miami Season 5 DVD from online shopping site shop.history.com (page no longer on site).

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