The Hardy Boys: The Mysterious Caravan – Chapter 2 – “wana”

“Hujambo?” (“How are you?”)

“Sijambo, ahsante” (“I am well, thank you,”)

“And what do we have here? What’s that under your belt?”

“A present for you.”

“Oh, great!”

“You know what? I think you’re a real handsome guy.”

“Not bad,” Phil said with a smile.

* * * * *
“Good morning, sleepy.”

Chet resembled a hollow shell.

“We ought to keep it a secret.”

“Yes, Good idea.”

blackout/erasure poem composed by blacking out words in chapter 2 of “The Hardy Boys: The Mysterious Caravan.”

I think this piece fulfills some unwritten rule that says in effect – “If you are going to attempt a long-form blackout poem using an entire Hardy Boys novel, it is absolutely a point of fact that at least one chapter of the resulting text must feature some degree of homoeroticism.”

I did Chapter 1 a few weeks back.

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