a wide array of evidence both known and unknown – until now

Have you ever discovered a religion in existence for more than 200 years?
Artemis Fowl,
inescapable horror
when there is no order,
the FBI’s Uniform rated “Expert” with a wide variety of firearms
– including pistol – and
the simple touch.

Maybe it’s time to
collect your own mixed bag of furniture,
the fourth series of
a former professor at New York University, an authority on folklore and occult
Thus, in effect,
A small rubber ball
ad hock due
from his entrapment.

I CAN look after myself when I dress myself.
When I make my own
ludicrous array of costumes, props and musical instruments,
and circus fun,
I feel even more
passion for business and economic development,

And yet ever since i discovered Satan’s full name according to Yahweh is Halal ben,
it is alarming to find such a vast array of restaurants, cafes and eateries
in the greater Toronto airport.

This has definitely sparked up an idea in my mind
in Awe
a Jungle-Built,
portable dual-deck mixer
with –
in addition to
traditional connectivity –
a low-carbohydrate middle surrounded by
a high-carbohydrate Paleo-shell

Alas, before I discovered the truth in the dead badger
It did, indeed, all look like mayhem.

But precisely because of the vast array of vital organs located in your abdomen,
I done a research on the subject and discovered nearly all peoples
are used to cause mayhem, havoc and death on America’s streets;
how the left-coast commies were protected by the police and
allowed to correspond with interlinked bureaucracies from an all-boys school;
a codex of texts and approaches examining the premises of six conflicting conflicts, distinguishing between the locus of moral authority and the


all impeccably mysterious, definitely actually beneficial – just
a way to brighten up the dust from collapses
with a mind boggling ROADRUNNER craving for some good
reanimated roadkill

a wide array of evidence both known and unknown – until now

I in fact discovered all this on aol, and i’m delighted I did.

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