Weekend Guide

WHY: Because you like us like us.

WHAT: We’re spicing up our promise.

WHERE: In our word of the day, photo
albums, interviews, silly holidays.

SHELVE: The red velvet, Cupcake Smash.
Designers Ron Anderson and David Rees
unveil their new most innovative treat –
a chili cheese fry version of DJ Jay Yo.

ENTER: Devour, Philly’s luxurious over-21
private ping-pong club, has 1,575 tables and
a live DJ; snacky foods like potato salad,
fig crackers, and cured olives; a free installation;
and archival display.

THE TEST: If you can stand the heat,
a fire pit blows other pools out of the water.

AND MENTION: A paper cup stuffed with
vintage photos of luxurious cocktails and
get 50% off!

DEBATE: Anyone who considers herself
a bit of a vagabond, the merits of trends,
bags and totes by Beirn and Leigh,
Luca scarves, the prettiest sun-protective
clothing you’ve ever seen.

A BRIEFCASE: Is perfect for toting your
unfinished novel around – a solid debut
in which a lonely IT guy falls for
sustainable products (plates, cups, bowls,
utensils, biodegradable beer).

LOVE: In the time of Outlook, the
morning after is a beautiful thing.

word collage from DailyCandy’s Philadelphia Weekend Guide 4/28/11

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