10. Last Trill Be Saved

When I saw this, I blanched on the wall of a colleague’s firm in Hong Kong:

Dear Sir,

Please note that we have a state of affairs most unsatisfactory
and the practice must cease forthwith, otherwise it will be
necessary for you to be closed.


P. Mandal
Bangalore Branch

After 50 years of writing letters, with a supercilious attitude I came to the conclusion that this was stiff wording.

It sums up everything hopelessly lost in crisis – a solemn, all-important, red, incomprehensible and ruinous spot on the DNA of everybody in business.

All business is the business of avoiding customers
who cannot remember losing trillions of dollars.

Free eyeballs
will follow a story on
dinner in Baltimore,
Nutsy Fagan,
the eye bank,
slicing and dicing
bills etched in my brain.

The great guru – memorized and heeded – could have been any idea that you can’t illustrate with a crayon.

blackout poem, source material: “Famous Last Words: Trillions Might Have Been Saved”, Denny Hatch, “Target Marketing”, June 2011, p. 34.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

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