7. In Things Do

Weight loss sounds like grams, but that’s not true. It’s “serendipitous,” sandwiched between the meaning of a Beatles song and the status of actor Sean Murray “getting so terribly thin.” The relevance of the answer is part of the reason – even as of May 10, 2001.
But the main reason? Classify the phrase: “hardly an accident,” “are largely responsible for,” “the biggest source of growth,” “what helped create the screen,” “everything he wanted,” “he had the soft Central Command and he’d shed the weight of phrases through Excel.” Positive attitude also deserves its story, believed to be ailing into legacy. It’s a chance order, a steadily increasing stream. Discover the passing behavior designed specifically for the belief. The mission hence provides the answer dropped: 14 months without alcohol and no sugar. Strictly organic.

We have a pretty small digital advertising manager taking a closer look at the hole, most importantly, where we go into our niche. We were seeing more eyeballs and more people
in those areas so that’s where we really looked to deliver a quest, then show the ropes,
hunt another serendipitous event – lucky 13, watch demonstration, folk-thinking. This is exactly the kind of home for a trial. Start testing them and watch them draw.
The test involved intelligence of expectation of 2010, fully operational in addition to a day. In some ways, the easy part – it’s what you do with all the other pieces. First and foremost, there’s everybody working on things like hard work. Those select to fit become the next of three levels certified for release based on what they were telling us.

We just started the beginning towards an end. So it was really a perfect storm, engaged on phenomenal charge, all comers concentrating on Divine Intervention – such as sporadic national attention and the bottom line. As a person, I can point to a number of days, a rise is weeks, a particular event, a couple of high-profile police shootings. There’s a lot of interest in suspects, tracks, big buckets, sections of ore – to name a few. A whole different level not for “entertainment.” So instead of following the legacy, force that bucket to capture land and others who want to see dozens of things from nowhere. It’s exciting to see the kind of things you combine – town, neighborhood, family or kids – and you just see all the combinations involving the idea of the utility of the weekend.

Help us say very direct and clear:
“People can relate to love because they understand it as part of training.”
“How to visit addresses clearly not specific enough.”
“They’re not actually working; they’re just using the system.”
“Representatives can call potential agencies who can facilitate paper plans.”
“Consider whether to bulk up with one year McMuscles.”

blackout poem, source material: “Finding ‘Things to Do’”, Heather Fletcher, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, pp. 16-18, 20.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

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