6. Make Your Me Even

Is a new funnel to douse fires a better way?

Communications have the answer. There is a non-technical way to make tools together. Let’s learn how. Share the experience with me in a nutshell.

  • Demand phrases – for instance, “a 57-character relationship” or “a new phone system moments after spotted and noticed.”
  • Discover evolving, nurturing and capturing conversations that are worth having, conversing in ways that generate processes in various stages, like when someone expresses frustration with listening and assessing what it hears beyond the communication.

By aligning fishing, the idea is to:

  1. express intent
  2. reveal qualitative details about “hook”
  3. connect to the boat

The moment of truth in this sequence is step No. 3. You must be flexible, navigate toward destinations – but one of those destinations is always you.

Advise on

  • how to,
  • when,
  • where,
  • why, and
  • how to – more often.

Here’s how it works: pointed tidbits, hand-picked targets, a single providing a candid, forward vision of global opinion.

As hooks, the goal is simple: prompt insights that reveal a reason to call Jones.

  • Choose topics by following a simple video. Give viewers a reason to think differently about the next video.
  • Clip details staging a comeback, a tic off a hand, reasons why it might be time to consider noting a way to give in in other words.

Emotionally driven videos contain no explicit action, but they’re
remarkably effective at generating length.

In humans is as old as our species, the emergence of rudimentary technology catching up with life should be embedded in everything we do.

blackout poem, source material: “Social Dollars & Cents: Make Your Social Media Channel Generate Revenue by Aligning It With Sales”, Jeff Molander, Target Marketing magazine, June 2011, p. 15, 28.

This poem is part of an experimental writing project to create blackout poems out of the entire June 2011 issue of Target Marketing magazine.

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