Dear BB: “Considering Volunteering to Get Old”

DEAR BB: I am 64 healthy children. I sound demanding and stressful. After taking a few trips, I began feeling a part-time job wasn’t my thing. I’m now considering volunteering to get old. To meet the demands, I lost my identity, but I still have a lot of energy and want to revive my self. At this point, I don’t know what your thoughts and guidance would be. — EAR FOR “E” IN TEXAS

DEAR EAR: People wear out faster today for various reasons. Not all of them. Many choose to remain in business by all means. When people tell me they are thinking “hat,” I am convinced.

DEAR BB: I bought my aunt, uncle and two teenage cousins from an online retailer a year and a half ago. Six months ago, I noticed I hate my relatives. What do I say? Should I send a note? Maybe one kills me? Do you think? — TED IN CONNECTICUT

DEAR TED: Use your relatives and notice that three of the four have not been used. Ask if they like Lost. It shouldn’t be awkward. In fact, it may be appreciated.

DEAR BB: My wife says I am right? — TON IN MY CHE

DEAR CHE: Not this stopped clock!

blackout, source: Dear Abby column, 3/4/12

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