5 Proven Ice Breakers for Shy Girls With an All-Encompassing Love of Forklift Safety

  1. “Hi. Have you ever been involved in a forklift accident?”
  2. “My friend over there was wondering how many people do you think are injured annually by forklifts?”
  3. “I love your shirt. Do you know the minimum clearance for a forklift to pass under an overhead conveyor?”
  4. “I see this song makes you want to move too. Maybe if the dance floor gets a little less crowded, you might want to tell me how often the fire extinguisher on a forklift needs to be inspected?”
  5. “Excuse me, I’m not usually this forward with guys, but speaking of forward, do you know when it’s okay to drive a forklift forks first up an inclined ramp with a load raised to maximum height?”
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