on the cusp between breast and dream

there are obvious resonances
the first brush of
a hand across a
civic virtue since the chaste peck
the Sign of the Cross
True dream police
portrayed as a mystical
“Dream Team”
that can revolutionize
the complex.

To feed (a baby) mother’s milk from
a Board Certified specialist –
the most innovative
dream come true?

Now the trick is this
up into other colors – but not change
rapidly and constantly
the feel of chic,
golden and fried
fork at push.

He didn’t need
laboratory scientists and physicians

a level of interaction
naturally occupies the look
out for some
It rules the stomach and
relations with
abstract thought.

Somebody might remember the time he puked in
blow-fish, helium balloons, cantaloupes,
stumbled and struggled through three hundred
Radical Ethics and the Figure of the Boy
as a centre of transition between child and adult.

I still dream that

The Tree of Dreams
“Lights Out”

my little lamb
divided between Collin, Dallas, Denton, Kaufman, and Rockwall Counties
ushering in a new era in
talk to your Verb-
al Bully
debut as a Music Video
make a distinction between genius and True Genius
slavery and Creation
the Gospel Shout and the blues moan

And I have sort of tried “it”
(defined as the moment when the sun “passes” from

happens between

the coming year
and the day

Perhaps you are pictured: Teen Star
Elvis was always drawn to young girls.
Elvis suffered from bad dreams and fits of sleepwalking all his life, making him afraid.

whether Bishops or inferiour ministers
a culture of ever-expanding control and possibility
to sever land
as well as distance from urban areas

see the
after 21 years into the game
rank-and-file members

Feel the Difference!
The Best Part of
the Affordable Price!

The Rock And A Great Big Sea
not just “On” or “Off,” but every possible state
if you want to know more
Confinement and Sorrow

The edge
of a house determines
the house.

The best
can occur now,
or you can be a victim of
“Consequently and…”

the last vestige of this breaking –
but, in addition,
writhing, excruciating pain
unrealistically huge,
just for fun

the wonder
between poetic myth and reality
“and the morning is already…”
removed five years earlier
and answered,
“…each dry awful abrupt stop to aged teeth.”

she was one of only a
that passed

bore a remarkable resemblance to
the 4th Cat
Esoteric, Fine Arts,
Fitness Practices
the season of Peace and Goodwill

when the sun changes
in the best part of
to soften skin…
in Spirit
to stand
on the road…

squabbling children
the rhetoric and
practice of

their hands
a toe
in a

the pages
do harm to no

Right now, I am in a pretty decent cloth diaper
defining The Family Tree
while My Sister sleeps
on the cusp of
warts, sterility, obsessions, delusions, insanity, cleaners
ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan
fresh and white
with a gently amped-up warmth.

the physical abyss of the ocean and the
strong positive correlation between
children and mothers

the house changes the energy of the
Psychometry, Dreams, Etc. to which appended
existing between the superior and inferior worlds,
the world of causation and that of effects.

Before pulling,
carve out
the net.

We are such stuff as
released during labour,
the comical and the serious
out on the town sex,
from plump buttocks to tiny waist, to full, high

so work on the top surface of the foot and
everyone to publish
Five Tips to Wean Toddler from Sippy Cups
Toddler Sippy Cup Smoothie Recipe: Irresistibly Delicious and Healthy

caught in a horrifying

my style
to blend both –
the interplay and tensions between two
interesting wines
walking through
the metaphor of Hansel and Gretel
that old last moon
I can see
a white-collared shirt embroidered with an airplane logo
those finer senses
an invisible hand
more than 21 years
the future fish in a net
but not yours

a hundred miles south of the Arctic Circle
in the spring of 1855,
ensconced in the Maps of
fire in the
indeed dark.

whooping cough,
working from home

I am nursing my
NOW reincarnated — born into another body.
What’s the normal learning curve?
the reason for
not eating;
picking the baby out of the crib
and popping the bottle in his mouth
less than a year later.

“Your kids are older” –
just a few days away.

I am still trying to figure all of this out.

the imagination

I almost want to call the above an example of “spontaneous composition”/”spontaneous assemblage” And yet, it can’t really be “spontaneous” b/c there is obviously a great deal of work involved (i.e. coding a given line to having padding-left of 200px) after the raw materials have been assembled.

Here’s the process and its constraints:

  1. enter search term
  2. use IN EXACT ORDER at least one word from each of the 1st 100 search result snippets
  3. as you are selecting the words, know that NO ADDITIONAL WORDS will be allowed afterwards, and the order you clip the words is SACROSANCT.
  4. deleting words afterwards is allowed as long as you haven’t violated #2.
  5. basically, you are looking to create the words and the word order of the poem on the fly.
  6. although deleting words afterwards is allowed, in this process (as opposed to entering a term, clipping the results, and then basically making an erasure poem out of the results), if done “right,” you’re deleting about 2-3 words per every 20 lines.
  7. punctuation & formatting are allowed.
  8. in theory, it would be nice to eliminate #4 altogether, but I’ve found that without allowing minor deletions afterwards, you find yourself in the circumstance of over-thinking and looking ahead to the next few results…and the whole spontaneous feel of the process is lost.
  9. Oh yes, another thing is that you need to complete it (“it” being having the “raw materials” of clips in order in a word processor) in a short a time as possible.

For now, I’m calling this specific composition process “Google100”…

…although please by no means take the above description of the process as “hey, I invented the notion of using Google search snippets to a) compose a piece meeting whatever personal aesthetics seem to be coming into play at the moment of composition, b) anger/annoy/provoke the reactionary forces of Official Verse Culture c) increase the sales of Similac (since I am in fact the heir to the Similac fortune)…”

…I don’t know who actually did that…

…had Google existed in the early 20th-Century, it probably would have been Breton, Tzara, Ernst, etc…

…and whoever was the first person to compose a piece consisting solely of search snippets, well, I hope they at least paid their dues in the old-fashioned world of physically cutting word-matter out of physical word-matter platforms (i.e. it wouldn’t seem right if the first person who ever composed using search results never had the pleasure of having to cut out a single quotation mark from very small type in a newspaper only to have it fall on the floor into a pile of similar looking bits, would it? – of course it wouldn’t!)


…just laying out one variation on the process.

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