less Night

I saw the world last night
certain steps
the warning

the same tomorrow
the day after
a visit back
to the Stone Age
as we know it
dark and very quiet
like night
at that hour
which is nothing
the lights
a good view
in the night
just dark
a chill
cold sludge
dripped through
dark, dark ice
the freeze
that could last

of course
there was
no calm

it seemed like
most of my life is
the night

what if
it lasted forever
I was
an SOS
was dead
and now
it was
too late

we assume living
surrounded by
our cosmos
a good God
the lights on

my blackouts
get worse

you can whistle
a happy tune about
the darkness
and buy 10,000
reusable batteries

that will last
for a couple of years

and then?

blackout composition, source: “Endless Night,” Stanley Bing, Fortune, July (?) 2012

in situ below…

blackout: "less Night"

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