my goal today

is to try to leave aside the pain and bitterness
and become a vessel
ergonomically designed, comfortable, and durable,
one that can last up to five times longer than other vessels,
is lighter than other vessels,
yet stronger and virtually unbreakable,
a vessel that is easy to wash and clean,
is dishwasher-safe,
does not take up too much room,
and easily fits in the places where
vessels are usually kept,
but spacious enough to be used in
transporting cargo such as humanitarian aid,
tanks, helicopters, or several battalions of rangers,
while also fast enough
to outrun Iranian speedboats
in the Straits of Hormuz
and capable of being easily retrofitted into
an Aegis guided missile destroyer
or a fast attack submarine equally at home
in open ocean anti-submarine warfare
or surveillance and intelligence gathering
while submerged under the polar ice cap
for several months –
and doing all this while retaining that
fresh from the factory,
new vessel smell.

I’ve read that if done properly,
in the process of becoming a vessel,
you will find so many wonderful things in your life,
usually flat, thin items such as
a piece of armor or a body part that has been flattened,
similar to armor, but made of people-stuff,
I guess, basically any flat structural piece,
such as a flat part of Earth’s crust,
or, if you are very fortunate,
a flat piece of precious metal
which can be exchanged for
other flat, thin things.
Once you are fully a vessel
sometimes you will find
pens useful for falsifying documents, especially financial records,
things like pediatricians offices, supermarkets, parking garages,
a love of classical music or a school for teaching
water survival skills –
all things I am very much
interested in.

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