often more difficult once known


we know
your shoes

in between
we listen

to weather
storms and

dozens of
strides since

you’ve gone
far from

real reach
outside memory


I’ve curated

I’ve maddenned
my perspective

all in one

I call
these my nerves

I’m trying
from the heart

to communicate
the correct method

to raise
a lot of

sunken ships
all at once

while letting the bones
remain at rest


the practice of using
a poster child

to mean

applies to
the previous examples

only when
it does


yes, perhaps the process
is painless

or, perhaps you misunderstand
what pain really is

in common

you can’t go beyond
the intolerable

is disproved
every day

and has always
been disproved

from our
very first cry

to what will be
our last strand

our last step
in our last shoes

when we at last
have learned to listen

to the silence
in between

our strides
getting shorter

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