ASK I: “I Really Don’t Like Being a Hand?”

Q: Every hand I pick up seems to have some little metal plate attached to the same thing. I really don’t like being a hand?

A: The “it” hand – fueled by the double 0s – ushered in a new era of hand. Before long, $50 turned every hand into “Thing.”

Go become a powerful exercise that eliminates marks that are illegal to copy.

Consume sure tastes.

Put faith in a trendy friend.

Instantly recognize good.

I tolerate sneakers because we have no choice.

I am a stellar hand. I carry an anonymous bag.

I’m intrepid at every everywhere – from A to Z to B as well as W.

My hand from the store has a hand for functionality.

So go return a ship both ways.

Stop fixating on a zero.

Count a hand with a hand.

Clutch unusual materials from the 1960s and 1970s that are glorious.

Go devoid of metal, be a player!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, Teri Again, The Wall Street Journal, 8/8/12.

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ASK I: "I Really Don't Like Being a Hand"

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