Ask I: “I am in tank and have been heated”

Q: I am in tank and have been heated. A girl that I am dating and some of my coworkers are interested.

A: The great tank continues.

Here’s the rule on tanks.

You can rock a tank if you’re in decent shape.

Guys who are scrawny can get in a tank, while athletic guys will put biceps and abs in your tank.

After the sun goes down, lay over your tank. Roll a bit. That’s chic.

Look for middle-aged guys or a modest border.

Flabby or with slumping posture? No tank for you!

Men who build with hairy chests, shoulders or armpits wax first.

But why push a tank at all?

Your alternative?

Tuck in cotton, bone Roger Federer!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 8/16/12.

in situ below…

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