that tenuous talking through

collage poetry: that tenuous talking through

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  1. did you cut and paste this together manually, or is there an app for that? Needs to be an app for sure… also: awesome alliteration

  2. Thanks! Yes, manually. It’s all hand cut w/ an X-acto knife, glued onto paper, then scanned. I open it in Photoshop to tweak the contrast and/or sometimes sharpen it a little to make the letters less blurry and then crop it. I really like doing these for a lot of reasons. Part of it is underscoring the materiality of language – words as literal material you can physically interact with. Part of it is…I don’t know…the fact that there isn’t an app for that, or that if there was an app, well, here’s an instance of person A not using it/rejecting technology. Of course, the great irony is that the actual physical product is sitting in a pile in my office and it’s only an electronic version that’s been seen by anyone. I’m limited in how many of these I can actually do because my girlfriend and I have 3 cats – 2 of which love to come out and help whenever I’m working on these on the dining room table. One is really, REALLY bad and has earned the nickname “The Enemy of Collage”. There’s nothing worse than having some stuff sort of semi-organized (but not glued yet) and having a cat decide to jump up and walk across it or lay in it and then walk away “breaded” in words. It’s like, “Oh crap. I just lost the word ‘taxonomy.’ Where the hell am I going to find the word ‘taxonomy’ again in this pile of newspapers?”


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