The four sections slim | asked in motion

As a Friend

As a dancer, singer, magician, whatever

As an actor-gerontologist-bowman driven by aims
mostly lyric

all the things you are on the Board of Directors of
committed to a permanent Basin
rusty deeds
A Few Good Dead Poets on the bucket list

I Stood Still watching
the Earth Standing
Still before the Botanical Garden
for PAUL before the nautical mutiny
asking how
we’d reach all sections of society
then contain them likewise
laid out lengthwise twice longways
arguing over “Ghost Hunting
In Homage to a Member of The Seldom Wolves”
“Do The Right Thing (Australia)”
others you may know
from Uruguay
her boys … circumstances
The following year :: several decades in the life
Materials of twelve books, including five collections of poetry
removed from the High School for Other Identifying Information

Born in the visual effects of the Mojave Desert
With her husband, the poet, Santa Fe Ray
and some of his favorite movies
toward the obscurity of
infinity anthologized

The Annual Good Company
We’re talking prophecy
mixed with divine observation
found in a metaphysical Bulletin
Raised from Failure to Success in Selling
Knives on a Plate
You can buy a Cushion
on your own dime
shed a few tears
in collaboration with
a blue-grey forest bird with colorful
reflections on
a clear affirmation of
authorial voice
erecting a second collection
of ten books of
all-volunteer essays
among them:

“Society Has Existed As A Bonus Along The Way”

“For Overall Contributions In The Future”

“In Response To The Babe Museum”

“Who Believes In Beauty?”

“Hollywood Propaganda Not Issued By Me”

“6 Dictations For Beginners”

“The Disjuncture Between One-On-One S.W.A.T. and S.W.A.T. In Small Groups”

“Psychoanalytic Hoosiers”

“Josie & The Pussycats Make A Baby”

I prefer
we leave
you with

words in conflict with other nations and between its peoples

Bend it Butterfly
Bridal Train
Bend it like a Better Off Dead Situation
The Hours, Interrupted
Bend it like more than thirty-five volumes of Fog
scattered across a conversation with Paul Celan
a Shared Vision of Flaming Tongues
bend it like A Pygmy Waiting to bewitch a flag

Your hard work and thoughtfulness won’t go unnoticed.

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