Disclaimer C to Disclaimer D §12.13(b)(a)

Except as expressly permitted herein (“HEREIN”) no materials (“MATERIALS”) on this (“THIS”) site may be used in their entirety (i.e. without modification) without first freely flowing (“ALLITERATION”) them into a grinder unit or a pulverizer.

It is important to understand that these materials may not be reproduced in any form of crushed, dry, ground, pulverized and powdered extract from pelletized limestone, sand, gravel and stone without prior permission from the publisher (“YOURS TRULY”) even though they can be reproduced in any form of crushed, dry, ground, pulverized and powdered extract from pelletized limestone, sand, gravel and stone without prior permission from the publisher.

These materials may not be reproduced without a request for permission addressed to MonsterBeGood.com in the form of a) pulverized and air-floated recycled vulcanized rubber rendered chemically inert by the addition of sulfur and other compounds to long, various and sundry molecular chains or b) small chunks of fine grain, mixed with air and intentionally burned in a gas flue.

MonsterBeGood.com further reserves the right to require requests for prior written permission to be evenly spaced across free-flowing tan powder, arsenic and something out of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory found in precipitated calcium carbonate (note: We are using the honor system, but our tastebuds are pretty darn accurate. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!).

For our references, we request a that copy of the material in which our information is used be itself specifically designed for ordinary, run-of-the-mill stain and seal product lastomeric coatings; high-energy ball mills for pulverizing brittle leaves, roots, stems, seeds (cotton, sunflower, corn); and supplemental lifter bars embedded in grid and rubber filler material during melt-processing of the solid state shear and in-situ grinding of soft polymer vulcanization products.

A predetermined portion of the underlying materials may be used to provide an upgraded, homogeneous uniformly cryogenic powder via hand pressure when exposed to cyanide
and used a) in conjunction with coring and test pits, b) between the rollers and table or c) with extra-large coal fly ash (ELCFA) recycled in a closed-loop aboriginal cooperative in Southeastern Australia.

Materials designated “special works” by means of invisible watermarks depicting members of the Grateful Dead as centaurs may not be reproduced in large chunks of rubber or polymer that will bond to hydrated cement.

Materials designated “class 5A” may not be altered for use in skeletal biomass material.

You may not edit or otherwise change the substance of the content in any manner except for non-commercial use in calibrating a rotary metering flowgate or commercial use as an optional star cutter within a pre-existing pulverized coal unit.

In no circumstance may you export or re-export the materials at this site or any copy of materials at this site in a manner not conducive to bulk hand-processing and hand-mixing with a hand-rotor.

The products of the materials on this site shall not be reproduced, revealed or made available in whole or in part to anyone involved in traditional public clay waterproof vertical mill piping systems flash-dried into fine aromatic incense mixtures.

Use of these materials is further limited to the personal study of, teaching of, and research for even further advanced High-Quality Repeating Isoprene Soft-Hard-Soft Abrasion Techniques – combining classes and characteristics of silky and strong parachutes with natural rubber lining.

All materials on our site, including but not limited to artwork, photographs, graphics,
can be converted to heat energy incorporating 50% granulated blast furnace slag bonded to prevent the accumulation of electrostatic charges which are copyrighted and may not be reproduced in any form, or by any means, without grinding, shredding, or pulverizing cement and water or sonicated ethanol obtained to refine the total dry above-ground biomass response of animal manure affected by nutrient availability in a liquid medium dispersing and centrifuging the resulting print, fax, electronic, or other material.

I understand that by reading this disclaimer, I may be crushed by some slight adjustment to or alteration of the air entrainer down to the required micron size, suspended in the atmosphere, and/or held to a tolerance of 15 ten-thousandths of an inch.

IF YOU DO NOT ACCEPT THESE TERMS (“TERMS”), DO NOT expect plastic extrusion, compression, transfer, and other molding techniques to consistently produce high-quality parts that are used in polybutadiene, styrene butadiene, thermoplastic elastomers and impact modifiers.

Any misstatements of fact found in the above should be ground cryogenically using a thermoplastic, thermoset and lowered into the mouth of an active volcano until corrected.

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