Great Things!

Great Things! is a new MonsterBeGood feature intended to inspire, well, great things!

Published whenever the mood strikes us (typically, when we are short on poems or don’t like any of the poems we have or when the rotisserie poem oven in which we gently slow-roast all our poems is on the fritz) these quotes and aphorisms are like nutritious fiber nuggets of gold for the soul, keeping the system regular with a strong dose of “why yes, that’s just how it is – isn’t it, by golly!” inspirational wisdom without the harmful, possibly deadly, effects that consuming commensurate amounts of actual gold would entail.

Share them with friends, colleagues, obscure middle-distance runners from Sweden, members of Congress, past and present members of Yes and everyone you know – and don’t know yet!

You are encouraged to print out each edition of Great Things! and have it laminated, as numerous studies have shown the inspirational power of Great Things! to increase fivefold – no, you don’t need glasses, that’s FIVEFOLD!!! – when laminated.

Now on with the inspiration and here’s wishing you Great Things!

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