(as sure as) booming or bandaging (the kettle left mute)

do we loose track of things by
tracking the things we loose
or packing the things we lost
into buried baggage

do we loosen the track
or lessen the track

run on the rails until the rails end
and then we collapse
or is this hissfull thinking

as surely we will run out of steam
as sure as the pot calling the kettle empty
as sure as the kettle left mute

* * * * *

we’ve run out of steam
and into the fire
more white than orange
and the fire piles higher
(in other words: there is a blizzard
of tactile reversals of traditional interference)

* * * * *

even as we lap
luxury’s moved
to a new stream

* * * * *

an odd mile
an old smile
a cold simile

a mod squad
a mold quad
so we will be

so we will
so will we
will we so

in orders to retreat
a lack of orders
to stand tall

birth right
blind flight
spraypaint that
Mending Wall

* * * * *

more East
than breath

more least
than less

more Western
than noir

more Jude
than Tess

* * * * *

I don’t know if
your business
is booming or
bandaging, but you
can’t dismantle a
15th century
monastery here.

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