The Most Anthologized Poem in the History of the English Language

I am writing this poem with the clear intent
of having it become the most anthologized poem
in the history of the English language and while
only three and a half lines into the poem itself
I am getting the feeling that I may be falling quite
short of my initial goal. Yet, I bravely plunge ahead.

As I sit here – here, being a bathroom stall
in a bathroom in an office in a corporate park
in Southeastern Pennsylvania in the Fall of
the year of 2012 CE – I suddenly realize that
if I can manage to write another two lines,
my poem will have two stanzas of six lines
each. And yet, even there, I fail.

Perhaps wanting to say something
and having something to say –
these can be one in the same or
perhaps not worth saying at all.

If pork is the other white meat,
and variable X is the other red meat,
then raising X to the Y power could
very well end world hunger or very
possibly leave the world covered in
Z feet of X – destroying humankind,
but leaving plenty of room for innovation.

My business here is almost finished.
In many ways I have failed, but
in a vital way I have succeeded.

By way of a neat epiphany-on-exit,
I could say that it was my failure which
lead to my success, and yet, I know
that I could have just as easily grabbed
the sports page.

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