Didn’t You Just Clean?


oh, my
name is

virtually heaving. Would
you know my
name in Flashlight

CODE? It seems nowadays
a lot of bright
people are invested in
a normal wash cycle.

Is there not a room
in your home to keep
clean? That sounds like the
younger wives in an old
wives tale. Can clean germs

surive in clean coal? A short
life that lasts about two to
eight hours and all the other
things we assume. What exactly is
it that makes the color-coded sponges
effective cleaning devices? Apply lime oil

or bleach directly inside the text field
to edit. This would be in preference
to dying frozen? Being aware of the
unlikeliness of stairs as stolen objects. Is
there a better way through the door
that you know about? I don’t know
what it’s called, but I’m pretty sure

it’s completely made of chain saws. That can
hurt you into smaller sections? Ain’t no saints
come in six-packs of nails. Which can be
laborious and hard to define without regular, wide,
stable debris? Sometimes the five senses are crushed,
dry, ground, pulverized and powdered. Bigger or just
big enough to tell them to go away?
A power moment short-circuited. Call up the greatest

minds from the past, present and future in the
middle of the night? There’s no doubt there are
more practical ways, but this is not the time
for prayer. How do you say, “Do you know
what we should be yelling prior to commencing battle?”
A mansion in which the rooms all have a point.
You expect me to see through these dirty walls?
It’s one of the things that has soft fur
and moves around a lot. Didn’t you just clean?

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  1. oooh. OOOOH! My word that’s some good stuff.


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