More Beef!


As dawn breaks over meat,
pull up doors,
ground (trucks or area),
cult followings
among the nibbling region

their appearance
in real estate
in lower Manhattan
as the actual meat
worked the night away
sold or leased
and moved
from New Jersey.

Give them a tank and – just like that – you have a war.

Whose pub, kitchen, tavern, empire has delivered
a third-generation side tunnel?

Sell the sizzle
as food
Meat Men!


So do we meat
a hundred miles away?
Interview meat?
Favor meat?

How do YOU fight meat?
Shock eight 6-ounce, short-rib burger patties?
Specialize in grass meats?
Claim to “customize” “beef”?
Tomahawk a steak house?
“Unlike” meat?

Big Brand Beef Custom Beef blends burgers with chefs to devise proprietary, precise proportions of chuck, sirloin, brisket and a 100 percent dry-aged chef.

Almost Not A Burger
is now
50 Percent Special Blend!

and left
with beef,
about 600 pounds
of beef
a day,
five days
a week –
no stranger
to meat.

As steaks, from steak
(all the meat referred to)

Meat sooner or later will be the bridesmaid and vice versa.

blackout composition, source: “More Phila. Beef Has Out of Town Brand”, Micharl Klein, Philadelphia Inquirer, 11/8/12.

in situ below:

blackout composition

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