I’d Like to Ask You a Few of My Favorite Things

Cats? Coffee? Possession? Scratchy words? Talking into circles? Ballerinas like leeches leaving a small hole in your forehead? Infinite pockets starting just below your right breast? The people who love parts of our personality that are lacking? The physical shape of moral obligation? Inappropriate festooning? A row of clipboard holders? Farm-to-table holiday parties and winter celebrations? Brahms? Clean hair? Rebate checks? Aerial bombardments? The minutes leading back to the end of the race? New cures for rare chronic illnesses? Signature acts of protest? Heavy fog canceling flights? Clemency? Successful appeals? A good serenade? Petitions to dismantle the parking authority? Altered road signs? Learning to communicate invisibility without giving yourself away? All of outdoor life in the convenience of your own living room? A top load washer? Guilty verdicts in beard and haircutting attacks? The end of continuing cleanup and repairs? Lower death tolls among higher-order primates? ADHD drugs curbing criminal behavior? More TV shows about the U.S. Marshall Service? Multibillion-dollar acquisitions of all-time lows? Homemade corn whiskey? The Georgia racing Hall of Fame Museum? The darkness which says Massachusetts is closed tonight in not so many words? The last step after the end?

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