Please note:

Please note: The pail goes away after a while.
The acorn wishes it were your hands instead of
the ocean. Some bluebirds do not have blue
beaks. Three windows may not make a home
any lighter depending on the size and weight of
the materials. Clicking may not mean things are
working correctly, as much as clucking imp-
lies the need to keep everyone marching in step.
Dread is processed only on Mondays through
Fridays during normal business hours. Extra-
ordinary dread is reserved for Sunday evenings
after midnight. Drinking through a fork imp-
lies a sip-up in someone’s signifier. The warmth
in the back of the cold front is now available
in three winter scents. If you pick me will I not bleed
onto your white socks. Light houses may appear
quaint in retrospectives. The problem with problems
is sometimes the solution (see “substitution as
resolution “). Barbaric chamber orchestra now in-
cessant. Sledgehammer, gently used on baby
shoes, for sale. Help wanted: sledgehammer operator
without any bronzed baggage. Foaming implies
causation. “Mounting a Mole” and other steamy
stories of spy seduction straight from the secret
sex scandal storehouse of the CIA requires a level
of prurient interest and Level 69 Clearance.
Access is denied, although your probe has
been noted. Making a mole make mole sounds
like a recipe for disaster no matter how many
modifications or mollifications of marinated
mangoes you mash in. Outside air will be
cleared of all pollutants in 3 minutes and 3
million millennia. Our new Best Bitters beat
the old better Best Bitters by giving you extra
bitters. Spelling be required for front cover of educ-
tational video. Proctologist located in rear of building
manager. Enjambment meant as a kind of unkind
jamming in. Blind curves may vary over a lifetime of

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