stopping just short of walking on water

the dandelion
has been used in various robots
a bit like a kid at school who thinks
he is popular and cool because he
doesn’t show up on infrared at all

maybe you can trap an army of ants declaring:
“I have walked the same path as God.
The politics of more than 400 chemicals
causing problems with balance, are now available
at the local paint stores or sold by establishments that sell
concrete curing compounds.”

maybe you just got your oxygen debt paid off
maybe you really can’t see how to clean a large area without a broom
maybe you’ve spent your whole life improving resting and smoking Pink Hearts
maybe you’re a frog caused by genetic factors which are microclustered
maybe you remember a shape and that’s all you can think about
maybe your smoky gout or gouda needs you


there was a time I was expecting some majic
the best roach poison for truly roach-infested situations
scary stuff about alkaline forming after bone deterioration
old School anticonvulsants such as valproic acid

if I explained things
how could I?
the oceans falling on skin
I guess I’ve seen so many antlers
holding ranged elites in place to bleed for damage –
that feeling promoting something you can’t pave in gold

I could easily tell you
firstly, we look for any underlying case
the common name for acetylsalicylic acid
a painkiller which can be hidden in a massive black scarf
a bottle of sweating due to fear
waste and their fat bodies
mild and discreet specific bloating

or we could dodge our tails in a series of
complex maneuvers over several hours
only to casually mention
the real payoff in a whisper
that you are encouraged to
walk briskly into an accident
or a nameless sterile box

and it might be
that oblivion’s here
in your half of the box
or maybe it’s something to do with a bi-product
of the dependent spider

and yes
perhaps a small boat spraying machine gun fire at you is a trap
perhaps brass fittings turn blue

But me?

I am going to stop and leap forward
stopping just short of walking on water.

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