Outline for a Performance of “Furious Rabies”


because this is the only period.
the speech disturbance
is performed on two stages
designed to permit
a sustained duration
where a healthy improvement of being
is all but impossible


the performers are
four hundred sixty-seven patients
who number the days all differently
providing shades of yellow as numbers
and meet the lifting prerequisites


1. calling
2. the level of inquiry
3. the first known instance of a color
4. mechanisms that occur during the red phase and contribute to only a marginal present
5. the enumeration of all things which may cause changes to the flaccid hind limb


1. re-calling
2. center average age by nerve transfer
2. a count of multiple open sores that go all the way to the bone
3. the root radiating (along a sensation in the foot)
4. an acute, progressive, ascending motor
5. (characterized by) an inability to see through a course of the night


1. calling (redux by way of recall)
2. four stages of pupils too small to reach
3. a three wheel Ancient Battlefield
4. the longest COIN continuosly running
5. to much with things as dawn to ground events

Recitation of Oath of Allegiance by Audience Following Attempt at Mass Hypnosis

“I add this tentacle to all my hands. I add this tentacle to my blood fist. I call the King Fly perfectly. There was a small swelling organ in tapping mode. Spatter, like it was, a more public look. We, all those accustomed to waking up. We, who pledge this on our ledges. We, who leave to stare into the abyss without seeing. We promise to prove the world or ourselves wrong.”

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