Reported Speech

"We use reported speech when we are saying what other people say, think or believe."

"We can talk about past events that did not happen. They are all copyright (c) and developed to help you stay alert on long drives."

"I joined the LAPD not necessarily because I wanted to protect, honor and serve, but more out of a desire to hurt people without any consequences and get paid for it."

"These hand-animated lower body plyometric exercises can be used to develop power in any sport that involves sprinting, jumping, quick changes of costumes and futile attempts to supply oxygen to dying muscles."

"The energy used in everyday muscular contraction can be stored and used to provide more spectacular pyrotechnics."

"Typing with mittens is a terrific means of focusing your mind on what it is to have distinguishable digits."

"There is not only one way to fully understand the imperative to give a direct order in the imperative. There are multiple ways."

"Understanding the imperative (i.e. to give a direct order), while keeping your chest out and you back straight:

  1. Take that chewing gum out of your mouth.
  2. Print these materials for noncommercial personal use.
  3. Feel these exercises on all sides of your thigh, your hip and buttocks.
  4. Start with just 2 iron balls and stretch your body around the world.
  5. Create a map of pan evaporation stations in Texas.
  6. Construct several classified military programs using animals in barbaric trauma training exercises.
  7. Use live fire exercises as an opportunity to use real ammunition in a realistically created combat situation.
  8. Quickly prevent urine loss from becoming a problem.
  9. Perform eye agility exercises in chest deep water.
  10. Suggest new treatments for tennis elbow that require a heavy lump of metal in excess of 3 tonnes, but no less than 1,000 kg.
  11. Contrast and combine facial muscles on other areas of your body.
  12. Deal with emotions like anger and sadness through paper crumpling.
  13. Make small balls (you can create your own variations) to decorate peak flow meters.
  14. Create a context of some as yet undiscovered sense as a ‘follow up’ only you can complete.
  15. Remember your sense of a metronome and how responsive it is to treatment."
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