100 years of non-(violent-)singing

his wife, the fish(ing) boat
tortured with (his own) baton
all his life (by playbacks)
doing enough (slightly)
tilt(ed) walking
to serve (God’s) appearance
100(-birth) shows
the very best (100 photos of) dozens (of beautiful women)
clutching a single (hatchet)
waned during a (voltage) touch
all the sky (witches) you could want
restoring (excitement to previously unreleased) electricity
re-recording (and excoriated sur)faces
restoring each other (to the podium)
luck in his final (years of) discussion
a generation (covered) in a grin
how many (blood)stained leagues
representations of a meaning in the mind(‘)s ruts and all
aside from (the Titantic)
(stand) tall sonic depth
making (allowances for) the testimony of a thousand witnesses
as human views at (first)
the body’s (idea of) a sway
inviting (high-)earth
the best (re)introduction to (a concerted) day

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