“That’s Just the Sound of the Brain Fever in My Chest Coming Out”

I can’t think of too many people.
I am always seeing a teeny-weenie monkey.
You’re never too old to steam the green beans.

My heart’s a fan, a mouse, a rocking chair, a cat and a big maple tree all rolled under
Communist rule. What Am I? An Animal Guessing Game?

Why am I in love with this super cute cupcake fabric which is consuming most of my time right now?

To give you an idea,
here is A Hobo busy
knitting (by request)
bikinis for my etsy store.

I gave my horse a sugar lump. That was against the rule. It made the Sea-Dragons* in the tank.  Now that was kind of cool.

(*big lumps and chunks)

There are moments when I’m charmed by the words of business leaders, police unions and governments across Jennie Garth’s new slim bikini body, which is to say I’m actually not a very big drinker.

Rather than worry about the bigger issues before expecting to get lost in brain surgery, I guess you could say that I’m not overly fond of a big giant hand that erases itself before you can see it. I’m in FUCKIN’ LOVE WITH IT kinda fond of it!.

I actually uttered the title of this poem out loud the other day at work…and it made semantic sense to those listening.

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