How We Achieved Our Breakthrough

high-velocity bleach was used
with pulsing flashes of anxiety-inducing false alarms
across difficult surfaces that either overlap or hide vibrations
independent of weight

the success rate of bleeding
was compared to
the average time it takes
to clear a narrow tube of dried sugar

what’s remarkable about this concept is that
as we speak about the concept, both the words
we speak about the concept and
the concept itself in its pristine state
it is turned into a powdered drug
delivered via a liquid needle travelling
the speed of sound principles

dramatic potential squirts out
at a speed of 500-hairs per second
and flows to a part where it cannot
be reversed and hence

two to three pounds are lost through the skin
due to mild pressure or a punching sensation
which MIT engineers have developed

typical people would not enter a wire cage
yet amazingly, thanks to discovery-free injectors
they’re walking in on their own two legs
or in TestGroup 4342 walking in a crabwalk
regardless of the deadly consequences

our formula is obviously proprietary, but since we’re gathered
among friends, let me give you a quick little hint:
time equals a magnet-power jet equals a disinfecting robot
equals conventional examples of pseudo-problems equals
one-third of a second viewed twice in a single dimension

at the risk of reducing results recently received
to rudimentary recollection of reaction and reconsideration,
I rightly remit the remainder to remission and redirect
our review to reach back to the beginning
where it all starts
with people

typical people are
equipped with experimental software
capable of new techniques
occupied by light
on a version of a farm
a spring inside a revolution

for many patients
it is assumed that when they say
there was no pain at all before
but tremendous pain after
they are lying

for others who report
the constant sensation of being on
a sunken vessel
for five months
upside down
and unable to turn around
– which is already a vast improvement –
we believe they are telling the truth
the best they know how

to interpret our success
it is necessary to hide true
findings, repossess the past
and reprocess the future

we haven’t put it into answers yet
though the potential for immediate theories is

our hypothesis doesn’t come into contact with
the reality of a multi-centered withdrawal from
the negatives of required correlation

because the longer
hence the shorter
will always be our guiding principle
until it’s not

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