we were in a telescope including radio

we were in a telescope including radio even more distant than your eyes can see in objects we are light to travel further back we begin with these new private todays we are in crowd shots of the night sky and are ready for our call to say there is something of value in our world if you count what’s floating off the ground we are always here flooded with remote signals one faint bounce from light-years away we were off in the story of a distance over 1450 ingredients observed for making the moon the useful architecture secure in the future as a history machine one place another object a simple instrument a simple evidence one of the exact same things we happen to have in any given instance we are about to see when life comes to life when we’ll understand the quality of glass toward Jupiter needn’t be distress until the answer is an unqualified maybe we are concerned with the diameter of the discoveries plus high mountains where the thinner world adds itself to even larger ones with each advance we were told how far rings would be bent on all sides of the universe where orbit trails a tiny fraction of depth of radiance the naked atmosphere makes us look as though we are splitting we are blurred because we always move all we know is we’re calling events a rather daunting series of positional corrections and transformations involved in rewriting the textbooks of today as we are flying away we are getting a wallowing we will wear as a wound we tried to have one goal using simple machines it takes very little movement to cause a thrill we are planning aerial portals recognized as the power of a screen in the same place as invention we will probably never know for sure why we won’t have only one way now accepting magnification all that we are wiring here is not bound by the limits of our eyes any longer but physics still under construction in the first half of a broken lens in that heaviest box and placed to lift we think a switch has died because we see nothing visible we want to have alternatives to be accepted we are entitled to some stars

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