I am not dilated properly

i’m extraneous honest and polite
and at the same time
Your Name
Your Address
Your Telephone Number

due to production and assembly methods
the things you want to prevent
like sepsis
are no longer produced
in preventable versions

what is the best way to treat a serious bug
a definitely unforgivable person
knowledge of a few bites of spinach –
another mode interfering?

in Boise, Idaho
I am these sources of interference,
aircraft radio presented in certain areas as eye contact
depending upon the season selection subject sharpness
I am several short-circuit techniques suspended from a definition of a ceiling.
I replicate
no matter how dark the moment
to allow other meanings
or request a change of volunteer response teams.

“How would you suggest we use humans to study disease?”


I reboot sometimes but not always.
I practice a particular episode of any given phenomenon given complex forms of higher-order polymorphism.
I cough reactants or this month’s model conclusions.
I match movement of the object with the original system to find a torque-free resultant Think Big Force.

What can usually be improved
could actually get worse
during the improvement phase.

Until the changes to the words in our language are confirmed…

Let’s make reservations or join a party
copying the mistake in severely illiquid rain.

Let’s use the Document to identify viral meningitis
and give it to it Doctors, hospital leaders and public health officials.

Let’s become resistant to last-resort antibiotics together.

Let’s use an app to chart multistage reactions like blood clotting
or find another way to determine how to dump out the soap
into an approaching bushfire.

Let’s sit around where we are unnecessary.
Let’s uncover useful information from streams of “yes” or “no.”
Let’s be hubs describing The Real capacity in the short run correspondence.
Let’s change the type in some countries back to little pictures.

Because it’s always all that or all this,
let’s pick one all and stick with it
until it flakes.

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