Ask I: “How do you clean these things?”

Q: At a party last night I had many people waxed. They have a leathery look and are really very unique looking. My problem is: How do you clean these things?

A: More interesting new today’s make super-shiny, leathery distress.

Wax all the reason to ruin.

Wax everyday (which means too often).

Brace yourself for results that might vary according to a finish.

Your safest route is to follow photos of before and after – at least, if you have some.


Store defective merchandise in the customer.

Phone or help steer the right people.

Hang on to a premium fuse.

Dry by freezing for a few days inside a zip-lock bag.

Spot a note that suggests a machine for a coated cannon.

A detail made polyester last.

Before washing your wax, turn inside out.

Water the gentle, deter the line!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, by Teri Again, The Wall Street Journal, 3/27/13.

in situ, below…

blackout advice column

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