Midnight Is All In the Timing

Don’t believe
everything you don’t see.
Rome wasn’t built in Taiwan.
Remember, there are two sides to
every pyramid (inside and outside)
as well as two sides of every pyramid
scheme (those in the know and those saying
“No!”). An ounce of detention is worth a pound of
poodle shit in Mr. Getz’s desk drawer? Well, how big
of a putz is he? Most omens leave lives in quiet desperation.
Most men leave lives with some anticipation. Most bees leave hives
buzzing. Most most right-handed boxers don’t lead with a epee through
the heart, but this bout has not been sanctioned by the Nevada Boxing Commission.
Pare the rod, spoil the shiny wood finish. Spare the 7-10, spoil a streak of
bad luck. That’s like the lid calling the pot stifling. That’s like gravity call-
ing an anti-gravity chamber a real downer. That’s just like the pot
calling the kettle collect – he always was a real cheapskate.
Throw your hands in the air and catch them with what
exactly? Or maybe you just don’t care. Hope
springs then waits for reality to sluggishly
catch up. A ton of definition and de-
liniation starts to get heavy even
before the pages start to
pile up. Remember that
midnight is all in
the timing.
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