The Fence That Sang Like a Bird

the fence that sang like a bird
easily flew or floated over hair
spreading out behind those caught in
a beating drum.

I am a wood texture spring symphony music membrane
almost endlessly hearing an endless string of
conspicuous high vegetation or runs and hops along the ground.

You’re a big sway now,
a blind book that rends Bowed on the wind
like bird voice or jetting the grass to An easier-to-spot woods.

we’ll jump that Flightless Bird when we get to it
They say although the top of the yappy dog is gone
there is still a chirp chirp chirp

rounded horizontal, summer males,
power line inhabitants incessantly In the house Like A Plane
preferring cavities of rotted small spaces spun of spiraling
alternating spins in an instant out of the order,
a low, bell-like soldier underneath a Jail.

Sing beautiful work!
Sing Very nice!
Sing like the details on the crawling clouds
we’ll be.

most birds
would still sing
at diagrams of the sunrise.

Your free garden of hell-
ed and shelled sunflower seeds
just makes noise.

Check out my beak hands flapping like
a dried out bible after the deluge of distaster.

A rollicking, high-spirited barnyard moves
A mountain
stream like an angel sink
or swim sitting on pins

where a vast audience
trapped the river,
the hand is a fence leaning away,
perched on true villains
cheerily through Seattle
song-storm performance.

this sort of music you’d expect
in a pink barbed wire arm separating
in succession from

the sad sparrow’s absurdly long OWL tails
the wattle catchers creeps.
At first glance hops up trunks.

Two rooks perched –
Hear again!
They often line up drunk –
Something like What is going on inside
The hug of a Phantom nightingale
as it dives repeatedly to a physical manifestation of a belief in private ownership.

It’s like those join-the-spikes in the heart coloring books –
you end up with a flock of flews
looking lucky.

it is hard to imagine the darker side of ducks,
my sorrowful several phrase bricks,
each consisting of 1-3 vertical postures –
typically a four leaf clover you can pluck feathers off
if you really wish to learn
the roofin’, the larder,
the tumult of a telling thrush
or Camera cars Next in size to the emu.

in the links of the startlesome only
How can the varied common materials
re-purpose a smuggled gobble, Pumpkin,
while others resemble saucers
and sometimes defend territories
louder than most poultry?

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