ASK I: “Banana Me!”

Q: I am, and I hate. I retreat where guys sport jackets, stop, shop or at least depart. Banana me!

A: It’s definitely a thing – speed. All super-special air, pants a few weeks long.


Slow and deliberate things that are familiar.

New the slope of the depth.

Arm the nuance.

Burn, range and persimmon.

Even a turtle should sing the golden rule: “Tailor, tailor tailor!”

Now go forth and bond with two special brothers.

Barn New York; house the rest.

Join your best friend and challenge him to find a killer.

Take a tail and chain Fifth Avenue.

Lord, Man or Blooming out the great?

Don’t forget a personal can save you hours of indecisive browsing.

Also, do keep in mind a banana.

You only need one wind, 89 rings and my 22-year old nephew.

Ears with sleeves, push this shiny number downtown!

blackout composition, source: “Ask Teri”, Teri Agins, “The Wall Street Journal”, 4/18/13.

in situ, below…

blackout advice column

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