Why Tie a Fish Filet in Your Hair?

Beautiful woman, with a face of rings,
answer me these puzzling things:

Why tie a fish filet in your hair,
or keep a headdress tied in your shoe?

Why leave roasting ribbons
(skinless, boneless, chunky white ribbons)
wrapped round synonyms for glue?

Why place seahorse bones in every print
your foot has stepped in wrapped in lint?

Why make the TV only blur?
Why make a hacksaw out of fur?

Why leave the literati twirling in the trees?
Why choreograph a minor ballet danced only on the knees?

Why gather sailors’ ends,
and keep cold comfort warm,
pack the world inside a can,
pray for a stronger storm.

“Oh what am I to do?
Oh what am I to do?
It’s what my master tells me to.”

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