to be done, quit the deed

to the state or country
to drive away (expel)
we banished all our doubts and fears
and locked them in a cell

we will note
what we’ve found proves
Item Loss
removing eye do’s

plenty of time
to shine up strife
out of order
death then life

we have witnessed the erection
of countless imperfections
impediments to true authority
removed error through the means
removed the steak and ate the beans
said all the same words heard so differently

bring the thief from the town
a better early play
find a full deck that we can throw
in suits into the bay

clubs, spades
spirits, shades

diamonds, hearts,
bankers, tarts

wands, cups
trolls, grups

dogs, cats
bones, rats

how do we get
less coils of rope
and use language without thinking
what it is we hope

to say
to bray
to keep away
to build with air
to burn with hay

the packaging of the product
rivalries in Meteorites
turn up the audio welfare
lengthen Hell-for-hire nights
your last ghost hunter
lost to Banshee tights
staring like a zombie
below missing pearly whites

we may add this Rule
against those who are condemn’d
Spanish ships from solid brass
the coming days you cannot mend

we’ve got five extracts
in an urban command
a cleansing ritual
one left “hear me” hand
factions moxie
and still so more to do
the arrival of next days
in many papers overdue

it was against our will
it was in a herd of pigs
the banisher became the banished
with radioactive graveyard digs

we want our solutions
we’re as green as it gets
we eat wings and onion rings
banish the bones to our pets

thwarted due to fact
we gnash without the bite
the only monster we have now
plain everyday daylight

play-dough on the soul
descendants from one need
five heroes dreaming loudly
to be done quit the deed

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