a euphemism placed on songbird-footing

we are not
your mamba recruits
wearing a national armband
coordinating past dins,
excavators, recognized irrelevancies
anticipated to appreciably enhance
the use of a single, large indiscretion,
versus smaller and more manageable indiscretions,
opticians in a music seizure libertine episode,
and/or deadline interest jackpots

it is a euphemism
placed on songbird-footing
a promised wrist pursuing/utilizing
an evolutionary embrace

we are not
the orators to
clearly lay out
in captive dogma
or their recriminations

Newest Malingerer Sparrow,
reshuffle already,
adapt the butterfly castanets,
the wrinkle of the road,
a showpiece eunuch fueled in song,
fooling with intercom epilogue,
insulator indignities, chandeliers in captivity

(recognize this roadhouse
Sparkler Streetwalker explanations?)

given the many autonomies,
part-time Polyglots,
the federal grammar, clarified by captions
we have consistently made
the laceration needed to stabilize
seething liberation epigrams,
roadblocks as planned or needed due to the superstition of survival

we see our own telescopes
floating far out in space
through the backup telescopes
to the actress/projectionist/wrestler
rest-homes of
butter cassocks,
oven mitts
that spat
in plait
past dimensions’ spar

did we perish in the quilt labyrinth
given past dimes,
activities that twinge under
new-owner topcoats

(in a scripted tragicomedy,
do not ad-lib; simply prologue as planned)

Oh, Old One Eye,
the National Seer,
we are not the matchsticks
at this tinderbox,
or the recounts
of inkwell activities,
that spastic wrenching
needs to be made with other iron taboos
delivered in somersaults

we have highlighted the need for
impresario-issued anti-satellite textures
do-gooder mites, dogcart dilettantes
and activist agonies (carefully monitored)

New Owl,
oracle under a sombrero
or a quiet wren pursuing rivulets,
recordings for restatements,
reliable butchery
dewlap caskets,
opportunities in a murmur of daylight
importunities in a mumble of deliverance,
(“she’s in the back, tacked to the spine”)
the writhe of continuing or
worsening caprice,
adjunct extrapolation,
leave open the telephone,
the evolution bicker, the anticipated Air,
fielding maladies,
plastic daydream jacks

(Is etching tablet actions?
Is privation the start of stabilizing resentments?)

Seedbed Spaniel Stream,
are we not our malfunctions given
in partisan
ab-coordination and agitation
new tootles
clarified by misunderstanding
important quick/s/and
periodical imprecations
need to be made with other involvements

devotee and devotion,
those embraced,
is wreck pursuing wreck
or what laboratory is
needed to adjourn

in parting
these ivories
at this timing
coordination and collation,
cots and scholars
and period impostors,
the adieus of yes-men
and saucepan colonialists,
the acrylic progressive,
from these tablespoon factotums
that foible unfolding,
making delight fall short of tablespoons,
in particle optics to autocracies,
acrostic actuaries,
indented collarbones,
acritical aspiration,
a patient processor,
the National Stray Spade
expendable autobiographies

to adhesive oppressors
new overtures
new toothpastes
new aggregates to
careful collars

in capillaries
with their mistakes
and acronym rescues
already embraced
as the extinguisher to shotguns,
esteem and the rites involved
regarding: costume, scheme, capers, significance,
successful invitations recognized as
the colloquy
of satisfaction

why all this
when all we wanted was
clear capes
for asphalt evictions

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