Looks Like This Is the Time

who are you?

Often, as a gesture of a need for more acrylics.

wel, wel, wel, wel, wel, wel!

Looks like this is the time to show you
how to SPELL with two L’s

Fillets in one of the not as yet mentioned states that we
may eventually strongly urge.

2nd Day herring brine
(00 percent of originaLL)

If you’re asking what to do, the answer,
in most cases, will never never be
“Put some breading on the side of your head
and bring a stove to the water.”

What doctors don’t want you to know:
Nothing is finer than floss, tinsel, chenille,
bodies of rubber, plastic, marabou or hair
during an electrical storm while treading

Scrape some scales Sarge,
scales large,
large curious scales.

Rinse the blue,
bake with snow,
pretend you’re so, well, red.

Make cast-off peas
the tasty herbs
for all your crusty bread
(as soon as possible)
(yes, we’re very hungry)
(hey, who’s that?)
(williams, first platoon)
(well, get the hell out of my parentheticals williams)
(sorry, sir)
(and don’t call me sir, I work for a living)
(sorry, Mother)

After tying up terminology and definitions,
you’ll want to pour the flaming fish over the traditional fish
and then watch the flame die out.

Carry a wide variety of fixed-angle right angles.
Get control of the electric knife.
Always check that the plug’s not been stolen.
(It is a truth universally acknowledged that
oftentimes, the knife won’t work
cause The Fugs took the plugs)

Properly dressing bloodshot areas,
tie your leg to a tree
or mold excess cheese strips into a turkey.

Once you have a fully-formed turkey,
explain to it with boundless love
and empathy for all creatures
why it’s not made of elk hair.

If you surround yourself with
inexpensive items as hard as cork
you’ll need to be prepared for dodging darts.

That’ll do.

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