electron children rotating fountains as foundations of meaning

deplored classically in today’s world
a position maintained by producing
nearly everywhere
decoupled and the concept idealized
[the Beatles sacrificed on a golden altar, it is not]

while it is the fact that Indians continue to write
the nature of history stripped
of the glamour at the upper ranges of observation
viewed through the many different eyes,
a “classical” crux does not cover
13 ways of regarding a native cloud
or a single cigar machine
selling spoken Sodality Simplicity With over 500,000 Features
drilling doormats
and transpossessing offshore operants

we share a tear in the mistakes of model(s) fencing
the sign marked bear rENTRANCE
the notion that British Canadian Columbians can be developed,
but previous quality of basi concerns
were not mentioned

from the afficianados done double
to Cardinal Wolsey in the shreds of French forces (in the Jeffersonian sense),
“otherwise” means
segments were only loosely related (brusquely and perversely perhaps),
this dramatic transformation of medieval ballet steps is accompanied by
Trumpteters in “America’s jazz Battalion” in Afghanistan
playing that Tommy Dorsey classic
“certain respects in which a woman is difficult to emulate
At an altitude of about 7 miles”
Countless has been reconfigured to 1,901
generating the Medium double-G Hobo model,
the target from the heated center
helping to do your part for you –
turning ALL the ice/snow in the modern tool-kit
into a “God Laser”
(among the limiting factors is the impractical recognition)

small steps may take sits on the beach
the lack of some critical sounds
seems besotted of
some lost configurations and et cetera

in an environment showing which duplicates won’t break
no one wants to look like more reading
a backlog of switches for displaying
one side of says much
of this allowed there,
(including moved around)

How once referred to everything that default place can do
(may still do, in some cases) not restricted to
Sunday editions and new running zones
between the first three cars on
gunning bones,
what I call the “fundamentals” of some of the maneuvers
the long and short of matter

in above examples not given,
where our PhD’s are squarks,
the more common options in the wild assume the existence of the wild
as a multiple locale allowing you to bug Historical Text,
put in some basic few rules for your ssh,
and physically hurl urls for variousmultibytemigratING
plug-and-playEditableText to-and-from file-cousins found in the
right hand corner
second down
on the left-skipping
someObjectLip(s) to play the background scratch like problem echoes
double memory feeds
a puppet patch combined with an engine you might observe
just as if you were dealing with everything required for your own first
reply shell
and perhaps even once expanding such

as translations
the key concepts in need of
logical settings may even be deleted
through available and excessive thrumming
as straightforward alternative name-for-need
advanced thought serpents, dragons, falcons, panthers, et cetera
and the actual serpents, dragons, falcons, panthers, et cetera
used to define

a 3-person no-fragment room we are supposed to imagine
starts with a current day/command
and leads to
electron children rotating fountains as
foundations of meaning

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