Ask I: “I like my upper arms?”

Q: I am president. I have meetings and speak before groups and look professional. I like my upper arms?

A: Desperately seek with your arms long, your white blaze, your ail.

Hack off a bow and sew (it’s chic).

Choose a bat-wing. Extend your elbow. Point away from your arms.

You should man a boat in a picture.

Speak in stops.

While standing, hide your arms with a drape on top of your shoulders.

Choose a card. Knit as you gesture.

For pretty, try illusion or transparent flutter.

Split your elbow wider. Hide with some imagination.

Modify some rocks or mothers of the bride.

Consider your neck a neck more than a jewel or a turtle.

Carve crystals or clear resin.

Fall near reflecting light, optically.

Research laces, find a net!

blackout composition; source: “Ask Teri”, Teri Again, the Wall Street Journal, (date ??)

in situ, below…

newspaper blackout

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