you can crumble the fold

you can crumble the fold
you can fold the crumble
you can rumble a truck
take a truck to the rumble

truck a take to the fold
take a fold to the truck
crumble at a rumble
rumble truck’s out of luck

if your fold’s out of gas
if your truck’s out of gold
make Luck Lake buck
bake brakes that hold

gold gas truck
folds bold
luck holds

*     *     *     *     *

Rick Shaw’s in the sea
see Rick saw shawls
shag some shallow sleep
score overnight hauls

cause a fold in the gold
worth’s a flick in the truck
gauze Rick with a shawl
saw a flick in the luck

truck a fold to the take
rumble crumbles to the sea
sleep lead us to bucks
saw lead us to tree

Rick Shaw’s in the tree
see Rick shag sleep
shawl some sleepy shallows
score an overnight heap

weave a flick in the gold
worth a truck in a rumble
gauze a tree with a shawl
see rickshaws crumble

take a saw to the truck
fold a buck to the tree
crumble rumbles to the saw
sleep lead us to see


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