We’ll Always Have Ear Candling

A few years ago, I became obsessed with the idea of
sticking a lit candle in your ear along with the idea of
your candelabra being simultaneously handled
very, very roughly in Hong Kong.

Subsequent to this, you left me, convinced that
my foolish talk might refer to The Book of Revelation –
the part where John talks about
the seven Ear Candles,
the rattle of the Six Bones and
the 13 Ears spread from ear to ear
where each ear symbolizes a candelabra
built to accommodate thirteen candles,
thus, freeing us from our oppression.

It hurt, not like a blowtorch on exhale of a mouthful of kerosene,
but a like blowtorch on an inhale of kerosene into the lungs
of a kerosene-breathing beast whose lungs are sensitive to fire, similar to a human’s.
(In other words – I was hurtin’ sumptin’ awful).

In my darkest moments, my only reprieve was
the warmth of amber light coming from a mummy
playing someone just emerging from plastic surgery,
his hot wig whispering to my ears, “Forgive me, but
I had to see a Hollywood ear, nose, and throat specialist.”

I have forgiven him, but for you –
no forgiveness for you!

All the while, I’ve kept a physical state close to the ground
for new technologies of black candle wax, Ear Wax Coral,
black Classic candle Coral, Mushroom candle Coral and a trio of
Massage Kinesiologists, who occasionally ask me,
“Where did you and I begin?”

      *      *      *      *      *

Where did you and I begin?

In an unusual bronze Pair of Italian churches
spread thinner and smaller across the long scar that ran from
Silicone Dipped Country Flicker Electric Light By Engine Ear Tall Grass
to the leading social face/scalp massage, body wrap, salt glow, and
Swedish Institute bullseye pattern?

You tell me, but only after you
pinch from the center or,
HIGHWAY 75 Dot matrix led bulb decadence
in a used tall glass dripping crystals into vases
as Hopi Indians recite the seven principles
of Bridal Bliss.

In your arms full and your sevenbranched
candelabra cold blast, even now I hear
ascended in fattening letters
“The Count was wrong and, besides,
I need syringing every winter …
Well, it grew, didn’t it?”

      *      *      *      *      *

Oh Tulip, coughed into life during an exceedingly bad flu season,
as a healing centre, I have numerous requests for
all visions of the old days’ vanished Elephants,
snow-on-the-mountain Eucalyptus airbrush tanning,
Large Wrought Broomcorn from a huck black Wooden ear
politely listening to formal enquiries regarding guacamole Suppliers.

Where a small shrub displays a spreading branching pattern
that resembles an excited ape attempting again and again
to initiate a new form of crazy specials on older stock smooth finish Facials,
one side of the floor moves and there stands the Sicilian legend
who began the deadly consequences of fashion with
gleams of a halo of light from the 1st century A.D. Satyricon
draped Double over the flames of polenta.
(This scene would normally sit at the waist.
Here, it will be standing.)
(I’m also going to see if I can find any faux lamb foam.)

      *      *      *      *      *

I remember you, your arms full, and your glitter-flames
prolonged, fattening the Hotfrog showcase of
mounted-as-two Practitioner-Training exploded in a glass vase,
setting off a small intimate, leather armchair Variegated ghost
splashed with big clusters of scalloped arrowheads
whispering, “I know a great way to smell like Augustus.”

      *      *      *      *      *

And if I asked, would you – could you –
tap out for me with corncobs on an ice xylophone
all the rhythms the ear has heard
from stiff breasts saying softly:
“Yes, my love, except that the sea was slightly creased
like bee booms shining red on
the very first meeting of a cold Bayonet
laced in Face-up knees, bent feet standing,
hand between the ear and shoulder-fingers,
pointing feet to the ceiling-pelvis,
propped up on elbows’s weight
on shoulders and back of head.”

      *      *      *      *      *

Here under the benches between the windows,
a many-branched stuffed alligator hangs from
an ear-cleaning implement. Outside, the window
flung open, do you reveal yourself –
Victorian Silver Plated Ear Trumpet in one hand
and the five lights with relief decorated candle cups
representing the society’s addiction to consumerism along with
Dragon bones,
Natural Soy Blend,
the nectar of flowers’ dirty secrets,
Clandestine burnt clean cloven skulls,
and a mellow light from The Rolling Stones
in the other?

I doubt it.

      *      *      *      *      *

Once, your hot sweat
provided the warmth
and fragrance of candles.

But now you are merely just another
delicate wheat-ear silhouette
who stems from below a concrete room
being ritually prepared for a moot, rare body stocking.

In the caress of your face, I once felt
shrubs or small trees
shimmying to their own
tiger-going-back-and-forth-across-the-room rhythms.

Now you stem in a stylized figural form
with two trapped tears like bubbles with arms,
each arm fitted with white marble walls and their whiter shadows
with the soul of the sow’s ear out of which
Nightmares first began as hundreds of individual pinpoints
reflected in a healthy glow of unfamiliar chambers
inside a Fully-sculptured jack o’lantern figure on
Disneyland’s Haunted unwanted ear hair Holiday ride.

What pale rays
behind this chair
once named aloud to you:
“You really have an schematograph?”

      *      *      *      *      *

Oh, all the shindigs snatched so suddenly,
almost as if a grey lamb’s ear
had been inappropriately forwarded
to a large cross-shaped installation of Aunt Linda
rescuing the pool skimmer from the bottom of
a Baptismal Font.

Poor Aunt Linda,
in complete awe of wax
and how the sun leaves the sky!

But it is true what they say –
that it’s never to late to stop wasting time
and reap the benefits of a Wing or arm of a
Luxury Travel Beauty & The Beast Love Gentleman for One,
Class 30 Yeast in pill form (not for medical use
with roses, hydrangea, peonies and lisanthus)
or ripples of Everclear cascading from the top of a brilliant shine from the
full-size Amber Crystal ear/nose trimmer and mustache/sideburn groomer?

Is the “Eternal”
more sparkle-pumpkins
and a little bit more
and even then some?

Somewhere near where Womanista Spring-Bright Fashion resting-heart vinegar
attracts birds to the Excellent ornamental PHONE SPEAKER made of
cool, clean, oily fish and every dish-shaped drip-pan and urn-form
I think of you
while whispering into a donkey
blankly in front of 200 people,
planning a stronger white form called
“smoked in star-apple echoing tears.”

      *      *      *      *      *

I can only wish you all I can –
some magic Rushlight Challah Cover Peace
discontinued and removed from
liquid eternal light canisters
and molded into Dripless glass-father advice
or that of your own beehives’ electric pillar bubble beeswax bloom gel
making Angel chimes sound like Spooky Wally’s Indoor
glycerin from biodiesel byproduct caterpillars.

But this is all I have left to give –
Suzettes carpet, cleaned from wax-filled
Roman Centuries, infused with yellow powder in
Versailles and mixed in selections from
vintage European can collections.

From southern colorado springs fairie
frontispiece Experiments and leans
of gold and mercury while I create ornamental
daughters round the dining room table under a lamp that looks like
a tongue gently licking psychic Ohio.

I am a big believer in the tip of the copper pipe
fitting into wherever it was made to go into and
other such things that resemble Justice –
your own empty bottle and a Premium,
Wireles, Battery-Operated floating Aztec.

Does it hurt you to know I’m at this very moment using
a Print Barberini adrian Villa Vatican Tivolini Bulgarini Alinari Original
dream taking on too much fixed hair?
That my Flag is swelling from fluid retention?
That I fit Firmly in a Plugin for a romantic dinner
complete with a special light made of solid steel,
suitable for seven armed Madame Bovary enthusiasts
claiming remarkable physical and spiritual effects from
4004 B.C. and more Cylinder Works Lavender Paraffin Fire Place Experts
chattering from down to the little Blue Crown Lories
to various ear-piercing scream counter-points
in castle sections UL-tested for “handmade from beeswax”
than you ever dreamed possible could fit in a special light made of solid steel
without any use whatsoever of nanotechnology?

I hope so.

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