Blue Corn (Translation of a Poem by Slow-Moving Blaze)

I am your son without a face
how will you know me?
I am your sky without a sky
how will you separate me from the land?
I am your lightning – black with the night –
how will you see me pierce?

I am the heartbeats skipped.
I am the details stripped.
I am the sinking horse.
I am no final course
but a circle.

I am your home under all tides.
I am your river without sides.
I am your all and your nothing
I am where your alone abides
in a circle.

I am the absence that knows itself
in absence –
that it is gone,
but not from where.

Summary of the translation process used for this poem:
1) believe that there was a Hopi shaman known as “Slow-Moving Blaze”.
2) believe that a copy one of his poems is written on seemingly blank piece of paper
3) ingest a cup of coffee
4) begin to translate

That’s pretty much how it went…with the possible exception of #2

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