Let’s embrace clean coal while wearing a white dress

Let’s stop the crazy creeping surfaces which make sense only as a defensive measure. Let’s see what happens when the stupid and the people of Massachusetts become quicker than cheetahs. Let’s go from action to super-action. Let’s sing the praises of the indefinitely dangling. Let’s hope the days will return again. Let’s start with the scary part – old-fashioned vapor rising from new-fangled steam.

Let’s retire within a few years. Let’s start by backyard technological advances. Let’s have a look at the same question in bigger letters. Let’s sleep standing up and dance laying down. Let’s see what we really have in urban areas. Let’s let my kids go out and play on spiked things or design a disastrous fire. Let’s see you sleep. Let’s start in the background then slip away.

Let’s strike a deal with the devil that that 40 percent of all the world’s rockets be transparent. Let’s think about where and how transparency ends. Let’s review some of the facts surrounding our image through the prism of our likeness. Let’s see if you can survive the next generational celebration. Let’s drive the new Idaho. Let’s fight back against thunder.

Let’s assume the best, but still get a brain scan. Let’s examine how and why angels die. Let’s sort of describe the shores of a lake. Let’s put some numbers on these doors. Let’s make them new numbers, different numbers, not the numbers of today, but the numbers of tomorrow. Let’s suppose what really is important in this debate is a visual sighting of a navigational landmark floating across the sky.

Let’s say your neighbor decides to keep you locked in his meat freezer. Let’s get real speech and say it. Let’s give the wind credit. Let’s hope the Kardashians are a closed-loop system. Let’s gain some front door perspective on backyard peeping. Let’s go full steam even if the steam is making us sick. Let’s follow the path back from the beach to your home and crash into it.

Let’s learn how to have some fun alone. Let’s take twins and replace them with 2 different people. Let’s look at horrible gimmick and give it a twist. Let’s try to understand what went wrong all over the world all at once, then grab a beer. Let’s lose the defeatist thought that we’re never gonna be perfect. Let’s actually live here. Let’s close our eyes to a cluster of earthquakes. Let’s listen to the doctors produced by the plant. Let’s go tomorrow and walk to Telluride side-by-side with new leaks in our bicycle tires.

Let’s share a simple message. Let’s compete for fire. Let’s do a quick re-cap of high-stakes poker. Let’s shut down dirty, outdated Nevada. Let’s customize our cautions. Let’s operate as a team of highly-trained agricultural workers. Let’s move just a little bit past the safe level of radiation. Let’s come together and make sure that proper heat is provided in country club locker rooms and saunas. Let’s get a smelter and convince the guilty to fall into it on their own.

Let’s start with the obvious question: Is it even safe to live nowadays? Let’s redefine the disaster zone. Let’s invite critically polluted clusters of India to the County Hunting Club. Let’s let the earth bring forth grass from thick accumulations of plant debris in its own way, but on our terms. Let’s start with the ideal specimen of a hand. Let’s make sure you’re a real person. Let’s rid ourselves of the fear of vegetarian food. Let’s explain what the graphic means with another graphic.

Let’s get hot and let off steam. Let’s turn Hermosa Beach into a ball of natural gas. Let’s imagine a high fire-hazard zone close to schools in Georgia. Let’s talk more about getting on with taking the losses. Let’s leave our children and grandchildren floating in the water. Let’s find gold on a reservation. Let’s bend a 0.8-mile trail for over 2 miles. Let’s see how California is forced apart by natural forces. Let’s begin with closure and end by opening before reversing course. Let’s look closer at some new type of diesel truck idling.

Let’s anticipate some of the assertions we are likely to hear about in the future with respect to the future in hindsight. Let’s run through synthetic gas. Let’s push the loophole into the blockade. Let’s define our terms in teams with two-by-fours. Let’s work to create plans to build a once in a generation white stallion that everyone can fit on. Let’s focus on a common point until we all see the profile of an old woman. Let’s talk about utopian fantasies being good for GM. Let’s all go back to the moon. Let’s try rehashing meaningful conversations backwards or in Esperanto. Let’s be honest about who would make a bad neighbor.

Let’s complain about the people we love. Let’s get smart about the elimination of superfluous cooperation. Let’s grow up and be adults who assess “what if?” scenarios. Let’s do the maximum to halt the rise of baseline death tolls. Let’s all pitch in and clean a nasty pit. Let’s talk Chinese. Let’s get dressed for a senseless annual ritual. Let’s talk about racing mustangs across a highway of Mustangs. Let’s mature and drop from trees. Let’s dig up Utah and put it someplace else. Let’s trace the source of all idle musings in charcoal.

Let’s not forget that wealth is much less of a weapon against the poor than poverty is a weapon against the wealthy. Let’s not forget that these three little x’s on the bottle mean “What’s in here is either poison or moonshine that tastes like poison” not “Luv u! Here’s three kisses!” Let’s make conservation last. Let’s move to Kentucky and try to create the world’s largest outdoor ballroom dance studio. Let’s throw the mothballs out with the bathwater and bathe the baby in old suits. Let’s all be Giles Corey and have to power to say “more weight” as the rocks are crushing us.

Let’s ask the right questions about clean coal.

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