Ask I: “Where does a man age?”

Question: Where does a man age?

Answer: Hop for a trickier hen.

A skilled tail is worth every pen on the ten (rations may be required).

I lean for you,
dear friend of mine
who is your size.
62 looks
a good eye buys
and rare here’s what,
my friend,
looks hen,
goes hopping tops,
has often been
to small a top –
if small is tops –
and sweat can be
altered and cropped.

Dresses are these dresses in the hips only bright red prints.

My friend, small person away from Europe, tend to smaller bulk and you’re set.

Be the lookout for things that can’t be altered.

Shoulder a hard fix. Consult your chance. Grow taller.

Long a higher stick with 3 inches or less.

Balance like wedges, but not kitten-women.

Draw pants to fit and pant at Victoria’s Secret.

String the ankle from last year.

Be the pint-size lady.

Add hat straw, winter your look!

blackout composition, source: “Ask I”, Teri Agins, The Wall Street Journal, 8/29/13

in situ, below…

blackout - absurdist advice column

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